From humans to earthlings - and beyond : an introduction to contemporary debates in Anglophone political ecology

Niveau : L/M

Semestre : S1

ECTS : 6

Responsable : Pierre-Louis Choquet 

Type d’enseignement : Atelier de lecture de textes en anglais

Volume horaire : 20h

Horaire : Mercredi 10h-12h (?)

Pré-requis : Aisance en anglais

Salle : salle CERES E045 au 24 rue Lhomond, 75005 Paris

Modalités de contrôle des connaissances : Présentation orale + participation


This seminar aims to explore the contemporary literature in political ecology, a burgeoning field that emerged in the 1980s, and that has gathered generations of practitioners from different horizons since then - including methodological technicians (e.g., geographic information or remote sensing specialists), physical scientists (e.g., biologists, geomorphologists, and hydrologists), and social scientists (anthropologists, sociologists, historians, geographers). As such, political ecology “combines the concerns of ecology and a broadly defined political economy : together this encompasses the constantly shifting dialectic between society and land-based resources, and also within classes and groups within society itself” (Piers & Blaikie). This seminar aims to retrace the intellectual genesis of this field in the Anglophone world, to examine its conceptual and methodological debates, and to shed light on its contemporary developments.